Relax with the Aroma of Jasmine

For more than 1000 years, Chinese people have used jasmine tea to calm themselves and boost their immune system. Its most famous follower in Chinese History, Empress Dowager Cixi, believed that drinking jasmine tea helped her stay young and beautified her skin tones.  

According to Chinese herbal medicine, jasmine flower is used as a natural anti-inflammation in beverages to help people with dry mouth symptom and constipation.  

At Ten Ren, we craft our tea using the wisdom from our Chinese ancestors to bring out its best flavor. Try our jasmine tea today!

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"The Chinese is the first to discover tea trees and utilize tea leaves... 'The Book of the Day' by Ku Yen Wu...showing that tea drinking started in Warring State Period (BC 403 ~ BC 221) in Pa Shu area" -- Ten Ren Tea Culture Museum

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